Providing shelter to dogs in need



Unfortunately, every winter helpless dogs freeze to death from being left outside without proper shelter. This heartbreaking reality is unacceptable to a group of Denver area dog lovers. These bighearted volunteers originally connected through and assembled in the beginning of 2014 to form Buddy’s Builders. The group’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of dogs by building and contributing insulated dog houses to those families who cannot provide adequate housing for their pets. During our first year, we donated 50 dog houses to families in need!


Thankfully, the majority of the supplies are repurposed materials donated by generous area businesses, which make the houses cost effective to be donated on an income-based manner for families in need.  In addition, Buddy’s Builders works with various animal control offices in the area to help locate families in need. When they perform welfare checks on dogs and believe that the family could benefit from Buddy’s Builders services, they are provided with our information. Buddy’s Builders then works with the families to receive a dog house appropriate for their family. Our requirements for receiving a dog house is to pick up the house and provide Buddy’s Builders with a picture of the dog(s) and their new home, which is shared with the community.


Our mission is to reach lower income responsible owners who need a little help providing for their furry family members.  If you are a family in need, please contact us.  Please note we only take requests from owners, not concerned citizens/neighbors. If you find a dog in need, please contact your local animal control office and ask for an animal welfare check to that address. We have no jurisdiction and will only provide houses to responsible owners who contact us directly. Please keep in mind the intended recipients of this organization are those that are truly in need that can benefit from those who can help.

Our Founders

family03Kristy is originally from NC but moved to CO in 2013 for her career.  A dog lover and the proud mommy of two fur-babies, she jumped at the chance to lend a helping hand to other families in need.  Kristy is very active in the community and even if she doesn’t know how to do a task, she knows how to get things done!  She never would have thought she would be building dog houses when she moved here, but she has learned so much and has found so much joy in Buddy’s Builders.  Kristy lives by the mantra, you get out of life what you put in and she is excited to watch Buddy’s Builders grow!

DSC_0472Melodee transferred to Colorado from New Jersey through her career in the Postal Service in February of 2012. Being an avid animal lover, Melodee was searching for some way to help animals in need. She rescued her two cats Charlie and Louie shortly after settling into her new home, but still felt she needed to offer more. Experiencing the different climate of Colorado, she immediately recognized a dilemma in that many of our furry friends do not have adequate shelter from these harsh conditions. In this thought, she found a way to provide to these animals and their families who could use just a little bit of extra help. She never dreamed of how much gratification and joy this would bring through Buddy’s Builders.  She believes that paying it forward, however simple the kindness is, can make a difference even for one split second in someone’s life.

Houses Donated: 250

Houses Needed:


Help us buy building materials for the next winter!